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On October 10, Pope Francis opened the process of the Synod of Bishops 2023, which is precisely about the theme of synodality, and the following Sunday, our bishop Mgr Morerod officially opened the first phase of this synod which is lived in the local churches. All the baptized, full members of the Church People of God are concerned and consulted. To make a synod is to be together (syn) on the way (odos), to listen to the Word and the Holy Spirit to read the signs of our time.

A questionnaire is proposed. You can answer them alone, but better still in family, in a group of prayers, readers, auxiliary of communion, reception, florists, choir, pastoral council, etc. It is a question of reflecting on our journey in the Church today, and of discerning what are the new steps that the Spirit invites us to take in order to progress in our "walk together". Let us remember that the purpose of the synod is not to produce thousands of documents, nor to focus on changing structures, but to walk together, in prayer, listening to the Scriptures and sharing among Christians and with the society, in communion with the successors of the apostles.

The pope begins this synodal process with the widest possible consultation, and our bishop is very keen that people who do not regularly attend our parishes can give their opinion. We invite you to go to the Synod page of the website or to call the Vicariate (022 319 43 43) to receive the consultation. And if you "walk" in a parish group, don't forget to ask your relatives and acquaintances to broaden this synodal approach. We are all concerned and consulted… to walk together, in synod!

We invite all those interested in this process to two meetings which will take place at the parish, in order to be able to answer the Synod's questionnaire together:

Saturdays after the 5:00 p.m. mass, masses which will be celebrated by Abbé Pascal Desthieux:

Saturday January 19, 2022 at 6 p.m.

We hope that many of you will come to make Church together.

Find all the information on the synod on the web page: